Binders and Swimming. Any advice?



Here I am sitting at the beach waiting for my car to be serviced. I just wish I could take off my shirt (in this case, it’s actually a binder) and go for a swim. I suppose I’m lucky in a way because it’s not unusual to see guys in board shorts and a rash guard or a wetsuit, since the water it’s do cold here. I don’t really swim in pools, otherwise that would probably be kind of weird. I tried on my rash guard yesterday, though, and I’ll have to get a new one because mine was super tight. I think I’ve gotten bigger, but also I’m pretty sure it’s made for girls.

Anyway, this picture makes me think my shoulders are getting broader, but it’s hard to tell since I don’t really take pictures from this angle.

I’m pretty self-conscious about the binder, always trying to make sure it’s flat and can’t be seen under my shirt. I’m sure trying to swim with it is just going to make that situation worse, but swimming and water sports are probably my favorite activities, just behind snowboarding, of course. I really hope by this time next year, I will have my top surgery complete. I will probably be topless as much as possible. I would be now too, if it were socially acceptable.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few blogs about swimming and transmen lately, but all the solutions seem just mediocre to me. I know I can’t have it all right now, but I feel like there must be a better way.