menstrual cycle


It has been a few days since I had my first injection of testosterone. I thought that by starting transitioning that I’d be less distracted from my school work, but that is not the case. It’s all I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, and I’ve only really shown up to class and nothing beyond that. I have a group presentation on Thursday, which I’ve barely started on. I’ve got the titles on the portion of slides that are my responsibility. This isn’t really that unusual for me. I’m pretty bad when it comes to procrastinating. Honestly, this quarter is the easiest quarter I’ve had ever, so that might be contributing to why I feel like I haven’t been doing anything at all as far as school goes. I also have a midterm in the evening after my presentation and a paper due on the same lab that my presentation is on due Monday. I feel as if I’m just anxiously awaiting to see some noticeable changes due to the hormones, and I keep looking on YouTube and through blogs to see what other people have noticed in the first few weeks after starting hormone therapy. I already know what to expect, but I keep looking anyway. Where’s the compartmentalizing that some guys claim they are able to do better after starting testosterone?

I guess I have noticed a slight change. I’ve noticed that I’m A LOT more sensitive in a certain area below the belt. This was even noticeable on the day of my first injection, and it has not become any less sensitive sense then. Another thing that happened was I started my period earlier (maybe 3-4 days) than usual. It was kind of strange. I usually can tell when it’s going to start, but this time it kind of surprised me. I kind of expected it to start later with starting testosterone, since I have slightly longer cycles than most. It’s more of a 33-34 day cycle rather than a typical 28 day cycle.

Other than that, I haven’t had any noticeable changes yet. Maybe now that I’ve got this out, I can actually start to work on my presentation.