11 Months on T (continued)

All I can say is more hair. That’s about the only thing that I notice these days in terms of changes. I’m sure there are other changes, but they don’t really stand out to me.

I went out to lunch with my friends a couple of weeks ago. One of them accidentally called my she, but corrected herself. After that, she told me that she always thinks of me as August now and gets the pronouns right about 89% of the time. My other friend and I questioned her about the 89%, it seems like an odd number. She said she made it up, but she gets it almost all the time. This actually made me pretty happy to hear from my friends who have known me for a very long time (11 and 13 years) that they have changed the way they think about me now.

So, the reason this post is two days late is because I drove up to San Francisco to meet my surgeon, Dr. Mosser, for top surgery in person. My friend that I was staying with actually had surgery with him last summer, and he had a follow up appointment, so we ventured into the city together. It was actually pretty nice having someone to go with rather than going to the office by myself. I already had a virtual consult with Dr. Mosser back in October, but he took a look at my chest again. I have a lot of extra skin, so he reiterated that double mastectomy with free nipple graft is my best option. He also commented that it was good that I don’t have extra skin on my sides so that will make the scars slightly smaller. All in all, he and his staff were super friendly and nice. The hospital room is booked, and all I need to do is get my insurance papers in order. The only question I had was whether I should focus on muscle gain or fat loss. He told me that since I don’t have a lot of fat in that area to lose that for the best results it would be better to work on building up the pectoral muscles. So, that’s my goal for the next 3 months or so. I’m actually planning on talking to my coach tomorrow about the best way to approach this.  I will also be speaking to our nutritionist about how much and what types of food I should be eating in order to do this properly.

In other news, I won a free month of yoga for having the biggest improvement on one of the benchmark workouts we used to test our progress. I went to my first session this morning. It was pretty terrible, and by that I mean, I’m really not flexible. My muscles are super tight. They always have been. It was a good experience. I’m looking forward to see how I progress in the next month. The session I went to was at 8:30 this morning. I didn’t want to get up earlier than I had to, so I decided to do my injection after yoga. Normally, my muscles are pretty hard/tight, so I experience some resistance when sticking the needle in my leg. Today, it slid in so easily and was relatively painless. I definitely attribute that to doing yoga (it was hot yoga, at that. The room was around 95 degrees and pretty humid, so I was drenched in sweat by the end of it). I’m interested to see if this happens again next week (if I do yoga beforehand again).

The photos aren’t that great. I was in a rush this morning, and didn’t have time to take multiples. They’re also taken in a different location in my room now since I rearranged furniture after my roommates moved out. The shadows should be less variable now since I get more light from the window.

20140327 Back

20140327 Body

20140327 Full Body