fake muscle shirt

Fake Muscle Shirt?

I was doing my usual browsing of Facebook today, and a person from my CrossFit gym posted this link. They posted it with a caption that says, “Who needs CrossFit?” I agree that it’s silly, and it’s better to just workout to get the shape you want; however, I recognize that is easier said than done, as is the case for the trans man who doesn’t plan on taking hormones at all, pre-T, or the beginning of medically transitioning.


With that being said, I did some Google searches to see if any trans guys had tried out these shirts, but it was fruitless. I’m tempted to get one to see how it looks. I’m pretty self-conscious about my binder being visible underneath my t-shirt. But, if this is layered over the binder, maybe I’d feel less self-conscious of how odd my chest must look to other people. I like wearing shirts that fit, but since I’ve started binding, I find myself less than comfortable in anything that might remotely show the shape of the binder. Maybe for some small chested guys, they could wear this in lieu of binding.

Any thoughts on this muscle shirt?