california health and safety code

Who would have thought?

I had my court hearing this morning for my legal name and gender change. A lady with a screaming child was allowed to go first, but her proof that she published the order in the newspaper wasn’t there yet. Then, the judge calls the first person on the list. They tell him their name, and he goes over the name they’ll be changing it to and asks if they have any questions. Now, I start to get nervous. There were a few people in the court room, and I was sitting there wondering exactly what would be said when he says that I am now legally male. I was second on the list of cases, but then he calls the third person. They go through the whole dance. Then, he proceeds to call the fourth, fifth, and sixth case. Finally, he calls my case. I stand up and state my name. He tells me there were no objections to my case… however, the letter that my physician wrote stated that I am undergoing clinically appropriate treatment. According to the California Health and Safety Code it must be stated “(name of petitioner) has undergone clinically appropriate treatment…” Really? I can’t believe that the tense of my transition is grounds for not granting my name and gender change. Lawyers, bah. Now, I have to get another statement from my doctor that basically says the same exact thing with three letters that are changed.  Then, I get to waste another Friday morning in two weeks doing this all over again. Let this be a lesson to all of those in California. Make sure it says exactly what it says in the California Health and Safety Code (link provided). Needless to say, I’m disappointed that I have to wait even longer now to get a new driver’s license since I worry that people won’t believe it’s me when I show them my current one, but there’s nothing I can do but wait. I have to say though, it seems kind of ridiculous that there is such a technicality since I will always be undergoing treatment. There’s never a point when I will not have to take hormones, but then, I could see if I were only getting top or bottom surgery and not taking hormones. Or maybe I wanted know medical treatment and only received psychological treatment. I can see how that could be seen as clinically appropriate, but still.

Anyway, two weeks from now I will be legally known as August and recognized legally as male.