border collie

Small Victories

This morning, I went down to my Starbucks with my dog Harry. After I got my drink, I went outside and heard a lady telling her daughter that she had to ask the “puppy’s momma” if she could pet the dog sitting outside. That was my dog. Yes, he is adorable.


I came up behind them and said that he was mine. The lady looked at me for a couple of seconds, seemingly confused, and then told her daughter to ask him (me) if she could pet the dog. Then, we talked a little bit about Harry and their dog. And after a few minutes, off we went. This interaction made me extremely happy. I walked away with a smile. It seems as if I’ve gotten to a point where my voice doesn’t give me away as female. I’ve been identified as male for as long as I’ve had my hair short (I first cut it when I was 16, but there were a couple of years more recently where it was longer). But then if an interaction would require me to speak, the second I opened my mouth, the other person would immediately look embarrassed and start apologizing profusely. This would then make me really embarrassed. This doesn’t happen so much anymore which makes me pretty happy since it’s one less awkward moment I have to deal with.

So, I’ve been thinking of joining a Crossfit gym for a while. I’ve heard a lot of good (and bad) things about Crossfit. I’ve checked out some of the workouts posted here, but they always seemed too hard for my fitness level. I decided to look on Yelp for Crossfit gyms in the area. The highest rated one on Yelp happened to be this one, Crossfit Fortius. I read through many reviews. All of them raved about how friendly and encouraging both the coaches and participants were, so I decided to shoot them a message through their online form. In my message I stated that I am transgender and was looking for a friendly environment (and also that I was trying to gain a more masculine build). I got a quick response:

“Thanks for contacting us!  We’d love to have you come by and take a few workouts with us and see if it’s a good fit.  We have a very welcoming and supportive gym environment, which I think you will appreciate :)”

So, today was my first day at the gym. I walked up and was approached by one of the coaches, Josh. He was very nice. He showed me around after I signed a waiver to participate. As I waited for the workout to begin (turns out I was the only one for the beginner workout), I talked to some people who were there doing other types of workouts. Everyone I spoke to was really friendly.  Then, the workout began. Josh went over the exercises, and I did a couple practice exercises. It wasn’t a very long workout (only a 12 minute circuit), but I was pretty dead by the end of it. I don’t think I could have done much more even if I wanted to. I’m actually pretty excited about this since I have a hard time coming up with workouts that challenge me to this degree or have the same intensity. I will definitely be going back this week to see how the regular workouts go. I have a feeling that I will enjoy going to this gym. It definitely has a sense of community, which is something I want, especially now. Which leads me into my next topic…

Alex is officially on his deployment now for the next 7-8 months. Luckily, I’ll be busy with school and such, but that doesn’t start for another month still.  I’m kind of sad (okay, really sad) that he will be missing most of my transition. I’m trying to think of interesting ways to keep him updated on my transition. The thing I’m thinking of right now is making periodic videos and then sending them on a flash drive (since internet is limited to mostly emails). I’m definitely open to suggestions. I’m also open to suggestions on how to keep myself busy while he’s gone besides school and working out.

Soon to come (tomorrow) will be picture updates.