AB 1121

Name Change Complete (Mostly)

I made a trip to Austin, TX over the weekend to visit a close friend. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since beginning my transition. He surprised me at how well he did at calling me by the correct name and pronouns, especially. Pronouns seem to be the thing that’s hardest for people to switch, in my limited experience.

Anyway, my new birth certificate finally came the afternoon that I left for Austin (Sept 5th)! That was the last major part of my name change to be completed. Now, all I have are some minor accounts to change over still which I’ve been slacking off. But, I feel pretty good now that all my major identifying documents now have the correct name and gender. Pretty soon it will be much easier and cheaper for transgender people to get this done in California. Yay AB 1121.

My transition is coming along smoothly. Today marks 20 weeks on testosterone. I listened to a recording of my voice that I made today and one from day 7; the difference is pretty incredible. I could not stand the sound of my voice before, but now I actually like the way it sounds. Another thing I’ve noticed since switching my injections from every two weeks to weekly is that I haven’t been anxious for the next injection like I had been previously. I feel like the more frequent doses have leveled out my hormone levels which result in more stable emotional states as well.

Life of a grad student is very busy. I feel like I’ve been slacking on making regular updates, but I will keep trying. Until next time.