Looming Surgery

My hysterectomy is happening in less than a week. I’m currently making a list of things I need to do before Monday, January 9. So far, I’ve got that I need to buy pads (ugh) because there will be lots of bleeding, buy groceries, and move anything that’s semi-heavy, just in case. I’ll also probably need to do some meal prep this weekend, so I don’t have to feel like I should cook or feel the temptation of ordering out.

I live on the third floor of the house we live in, so I’m concerned about getting up and down the stairs. My living space is actually on the fourth floor in the loft area, so there’s that too. We’ll see how it goes, but I still plan on taking Harry out at least three times a day. If I’m not feeling up to it though, I’m sure my roommates won’t mind.

I’ve got three weeks scheduled off for work. I technically only have 66 hours of sick leave right now, but I should be able to apply for disability after seven days. Then, I’ll get paid half by disability and half by my sick leave. If it works out how I think it should, I’ll only be out six hours worth of pay for the three weeks I’m taking off.

I feel unprepared, but am not sure what else to do to be prepared.


  1. Be prepared to wear sweatpants- nothing that binds at the waist or crotch. Also, like with top surgery be mindful of orders not to lift heavy objects. I was more comfortable standing up walking than sitting down, and was up and about (walking the dog) 2 days later.
    It felt great to get rid of the extra parts! Good luck, hope it goes smoothly.

    1. You were right about the sitting, haha. Yesterday, after they took the catheter out and let me get my clothes on, I just stood while I was waiting for my read because the pressure in my rectum was pretty uncomfortable while I was sitting.

  2. Thanks! I actually just went and bought some sweatpants today because I don’t really own any. The closest thing I had was some Captain America pajama bottoms, which I don’t think I’d want to wear for more than a day. I’m also planning on trying to make my desk at home easily convert from sitting to standing. Again, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

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