14 Months on T

Yesterday was my 14 months on T. I’m a day late because Alex and I were on our way home, finally. I’m glad to be home. I’d do my normal photo update, but as I’m wearing a compression vest full-time (not to mention, I think there is still some bloating/swelling), it won’t really show much. Next month, I should be able to resume my regular photos. I’ll probably be posting more frequent photos anyway to show my healing progress.

Speaking of healing, my nipples are already looking noticeably different. They are gaining a more flesh colored tone, rather than looking purple. The swelling seems to be the same to me. It’s only been three days that I’ve seen my chest, though. I’m just impatient. When I push on my chest with my fingers, the right side is firm, while the left side is squishy. The only part that is itchy right now is where the holes for the drains were. The compression vest digs uncomfortably into my skin as the day goes on. I’m ready to be healed up and back in action. I’m hoping this time goes by quickly.

I’m feeling pretty exhausted after a week of getting crappy sleep. I’ve been waking up several times a night and not falling back asleep right away. This morning, I woke up around 6. I laid in bed trying to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep, but by 6:30 I got gave up and just got out of bed. Dr. Mosser said I could start sleeping on my side at 3 weeks. That should help some with my sleeping issues. He just wants to make sure the nipples have fully set into their positions. It makes me paranoid about any perceived movement I feel. The compression vest is pretty tight, so I doubt they move at all, but still. The lack of sleep wouldn’t be too bad, but it makes me concerned for my healing. I feel like I would heal faster if I could get some restful sleep consistently, but there’s not much I can do about it.

As far as transition updates, not much is going on beyond more hair. I think my acne is starting to calm down, with the exception of this past week. I think surgery and not being able to clean myself very well caused some minor break outs. I’m sure that will go away once I heal up some more.

Anyway, here’s a face comparison!

10 days on T

10 days on T


14 months on T

14 months on T



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