5 Days Post Op

Yesterday was my 5 days post op, and I had my first post op check up. It was nice to have the compression garment off after 5 days of wearing it. My fluid drainage was low enough to have my drains removed. Yay! I was expecting that process of removing the drains to be painful or strange feeling. They were stitched in place, and I felt the doctor cut and remove the drain on my right side. Then, next thing I know, he says it’s time to remove the other side. I didn’t even know he had removed the first one. Then, he removed the nipple bolsters. This took a little bit longer and was a little weird feeling, but painless.

After he removed them, I finally looked down at my chest. I was trying to suppress a huge smile, but Alex noticed and smiled at me. Everything looks really great. There’s a bit more swelling and bruising on my left side compared to my right, but it’s not too bad. It does make it feel a bit more numb, though. Dr. Mosser said that my nipples look really good, and the grafts are healthy. I’m really pleased with how it looks so far.

Finally, Dr. Mosser showed us how to change the dressings on the nipple grafts, which will have to be changed every day for 7 days, and sent us on our way. I was told to wear the compression garment full time for about 2 more weeks, and then part-time (at night) for another 3 weeks.

Alex and I spent some time wandering around in the city. I picked up some more button up shirts since I’ve grown out a few of mine that I bought earlier in my transition, and I won’t be able to wear t-shirts for some time. I’m going to try not to lift my hands above my head for at least another 5 weeks. I want to minimize as much stretching in the scars as possible, at least until I can start working out again.

It was really nice to walk around without the drains in. Since they were stitched to me, it sometimes felt like they were tugging on my skin. It wasn’t painful, but it wasn’t comfortable either.

When we got back to my cousin’s apartment, I took my first shower in almost a week. It was kind of strange. My chest is numb in a lot of places, which makes it feel oddly heavy. It was also concerning because I didn’t want to accidentally jostle my nipples, but I made it out safely without doing any damage.

I was planning on taking some photos, but it was late by the time I got out of the shower. I just wanted to get back in the compression garment because I feel more secure moving around with it on for now. The numbness makes it feel really strange to move around without it on. Hopefully the feeling will return quickly. I’ll also feel better when the nipple grafts have fully taken at around 3 weeks post op. Dr. Mosser keeps emphasizing to take extra precautions with them, and it’s better to be safe.

Hopefully I will get some post op photos tonight or tomorrow to share!

Oh, and I just want to say that I highly recommend Dr. Mosser. He has done everything he can to make this as easy and pain-free as possible. He is super friendly and you can tell that he cares about the outcome. I have not seen any reviews out there for him on the internet, but I know three other guys personally that have gone to him. They are very happy with their results.


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