10 months on T

Photos first:

20140225 Back

20140225 Body


I’ve been feeling really good this month. I mostly attribute that to the changes in my diet due to the Whole30. I only have one more week of that before I can begin reintroducing foods that I want to eat.  I’ve been eating a lot of food. I’m amazed at how I look now despite that fact. There seems to be a noticeable change in my body composition. I’ve also made some huge strength gains this month. Overall, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick pretty closely to my new diet changes. Although, I will admit, I’m really excited to get to drink a Starbucks hazelnut macchiato in a week.

I also participated in my second CrossFit competition a few days ago. I felt less awkward competing as male this time. I had really supportive teammates. (It was a team competition.) Overall, it was a really fun day. My family came down and watched me compete and helped me clean my apartment after my roommates moved out. They’re still having some trouble with my name and pronouns. They seem to be getting it right about 75% of the time. They are trying, but it’s a little frustrating. I know there are people who have it much worse than I do, so I can’t really complain.

I’ve had to talk on the phone a couple of times the past month. (I really hate talking on the phone and try to avoid it as much as possible.) I’ve noticed that people pretty consistently call me sir now on the phone. It’s definitely a change. For a while, people avoided assigning a gender to me at all.

I’m not sure when someone who is transitioning moves out of the transitioning phase. It’s been months since someone who didn’t know me used female pronouns or honorifics. I feel like I’m nearing that point. My body is still changing, but I feel like that’s more due to working out than testosterone. I’m still getting more facial and body hair, but I don’t think that means that I’m still transitioning. I don’t think there is any definitive answer to this question. I think it’s based on how a person perceives themselves, and an answer for one person won’t be the same answer for another person.

I’m looking forward to graduation and top surgery which are in less than 4 months now!

Note: Yesterday was my 6 months of doing CrossFit. I posted comparison photos on my Tumblr blog (transathleticism) of one day after joining and this morning. They are really just my normal monthly photos, but side-by-side. There’s also a picture of my chest which I’m pretty proud of. =)


  1. Great photos, big differences in muscle mass and definition.

    The transition issue is complicated; you’ve definitely crossed the invisible line from female to male. What matters is that you feel whole. The different components of transition ramp up and and are completed at different times – i.e. the medical, social, legal, and psychological components. Some are visible and some aren’t, some aspects may not be important to you at all; and what is important to you is what counts.

    1. Thanks!

      I feel like once I get top surgery, that will be “complete” as far as transitioning goes for me. There are certain things that I’m unsure about at this point beyond that, but I don’t think that will be a determining factor of when my transition is complete. We will see. I could always change my mind in the future. =)

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