Fashion Fail

Lately, buying clothes has a really big hassle and usually causes me huge amounts of dysphoria. Nothing ever fits the way it should fit: my shoulders aren’t broad enough for the width of my hips, I’m too short for the broadness of my shoulders for shirts, and my hips are too wide for my height for pants.

But despite my frustrations, I decided it was time to finally to get some shirts a size bigger than what I’ve been wearing. My shirts have gotten a bit tight in the shoulder and chest region lately. In fact, if I have both arms stretched out in front of me, it’s super tight.

Small - Front

Small – Front

Small - Back

Small – Back









I headed over to my local mall and picked out two shirts that fit reasonably well in the shoulders and chest, which happen to be mediums. Apparently though, only people who are 5’6″ are taller wear mediums according to clothes makers.

Medium Slim - Front

Medium Slim – Front

Medium Slim - Back

Medium Slim – Back









The “regular” cut is also pretty large in the stomach region.

Medium - Front

Medium – Front

Medium - Back

Medium – Back









I took these two shirts into the tailor to have them hemmed, and the regular shirt taken in on the sides and fitted in the sleeves.

Medium Slim Tailored - Front

Medium Slim Tailored – Front

Medium Slim Tailored - Back

Medium Slim Tailored – Back










Medium Tailored - Front

Medium Tailored – Front

Medium Tailored - Back

Medium Tailored – Back









Overall, I think they look pretty good after being tailored. They feel comfortable in the shoulders and not like I’m going to bust the seams as I feel sometimes in the smalls.

I still am not happy with the hip situation, but it is much better than how it looks in small shirts that I wear. I’m almost hoping that I can gain enough muscle mass in my shoulders/chest so that I’m able to fit into larges. That should give the shirts enough room to hang loosely over my hips. Of course, I’m still hoping that I’ll lose some fat in that region as I continue to eat right and exercise (with the effects of testosterone, of course.)





  1. Have you tried It’s a tailor made site, in which you can select default sizing (small, medium, large) or enter your own measurements and have it made specifically for your size. There’s videos detailing how to measure for certain body parts, and they do shirts, jeans and suits. Hope that’s somewhat helpful.

  2. Keep trying different manufacturers and eventually you may find one that fits you. I did this with jeans (I wanted lower waist with no crotch drop) and I must have tried 20 different brands before I eventually settled on Lucky Brand. But then I’m not on a grad student income.

    Shirts are hard; especially the slim fit and untucked look. I get my dress shirts custom made so that the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, hip and sleeves fit right. If I buy off the rack something is amiss and I have not had good experiences trying to get a shirt that doesn’t fit tailored so that it does. Shirts with fabric that drapes help – the stiffer the fabric the worse it is going to look where it gaps.

    If you keep trying different brands and fits you should get lucky – and then you can load up on whatever they make. Good luck.

    1. I’ve actually been wearing Lucky Brand jeans for about 5 years now. They’re definitely my favorite.

      I’m definitely leaning towards MTM for dress clothes. I’m not sure about everyday button up shirts. I will definitely keep trying different brands when I feel the need to buy more clothes. I’d probably wear more t-shirts if I didn’t feel like my binder was visible underneath them. That obviously won’t be a problem when I have top surgery.

      But yeah, clothing is complicated.

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