8 months on T!

Well, today is Christmas, and I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. Nonetheless, I made myself take my monthly photos.

20131225 Back 20131225 Body 20131225 Body


I feel like I took a step back from last month as far as losing fat goes. It was a really busy time after the end of the Reindeer Games. I had to immediately jump into studying for finals and writing a paper. Once those were done, I traveled throughout the state to visit family and friends; during that time, I didn’t work out and didn’t eat as well as I normally do. Once I start feeling better, I’ll jump back into my routine.

I got my test results from when I saw my primary care physician at the end of last month. My testosterone was super high (~1200) the day before my injection, so I reduced my dose to half of what I was taking. I was at 100 mg per week, and now I’m taking 50 mg per week. I haven’t noticed any differences between the two, but I’ve been so busy lately, I wasn’t really looking for differences. I will get it tested again along with my estrogen levels next time I go in for a refill.

I’ve noticed I’ve started getting hair on my shoulders now, and my stomach is nearly covered with hair now. I guess I’m going to end up being really hairy. That also means I’ve been getting a lot more facial hair which I’m pretty excited about. Honestly though, the changes are just gradually happening. I don’t even really notice them much anymore. It’s definitely not like it was in the beginning months. I don’t think I remember the last time I got identified as female (excluding some family and friends who still sometimes use the wrong name and pronouns). I haven’t tried going to a predominantly gay space in a while though. It’d be interesting to see which way it would go.

I did see family last weekend for our Christmas gathering. They all pretty much used female pronouns except for one of my uncles and my grandmother who has seen me a couple of times since I began transitioning. I decided to let it slide since they were at least trying to call me by the right name. I also feel like Christmas isn’t the time to bring up situations in which others could see as confrontational. I feel like I’m comfortable enough with myself now to let those things go without it bothering me. If it were a few months ago, I probably would have felt differently. I’m just grateful that I have family and friends that support me. I know a lot of people don’t have that, so I can’t really complain if they accidentally use the wrong name or have trouble using male pronouns. I visited a friend that I knew from the military. He socially transitioned maybe a year ago, and even I had a slip up with pronouns twice during the three days that I visited him and his boyfriend. I know it can be tough for others, so I try to give people a break.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and you all stay safe on New Year’s Eve/Day!



  1. can i ask a question about pronouns? i recently met my boyfriends family and for some reason they’re all still using his birth name and female pronouns. it’s weird when we talk about him and they say “oh she always does that!” when i respond, i want to use male pronouns and it feels strange and can get confusing on who exactly we’re talking about. any thoughts on that? i certainly don’t want to alienate his family but i also want to respect who he is (and who he is to me.)
    also, love your blog so far! glad i found it. =]

    1. That’s a good question. You should ask your boyfriend what he prefers. I had a similar situation, except my grandmother was the only one using correct pronouns. Everyone knew who she was talking about, and there didn’t seem to be any alienating going on, unless you consider how I felt, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt since it’s the first time any of them have seen me in two years.

      If he is okay with it, you should politely correct them since he doesn’t seem to be doing that. I don’t like correcting others, but when someone else does it, it makes me pretty happy.

  2. I have the same experience with my family where they’re at least trying to simultaneously use my name and correct pronouns, but they definitely mess up on either one or the other. I feel comfortable with myself and who I am that I definitely let it slide a lot, hoping that they’ll get it right one of these days. But honestly, like you were saying, it doesn’t bother me like it used to. You’re looking good!

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