pre-T vs. 6 months

One thing I wanted to talk about in my update, but forgot because I was complaining about my fat distribution… even though I complain about it, my body composition has become less of an “issue” for me as I continue on with doing CrossFit. My goals have shifted from how I look more to how I perform (especially with the competition coming up in 6 weeks). I’ve learned that with improved performance which requires consistent workouts and eating well, the body that I wanted in the beginning will follow.

Now, on to the comparison images I made. I know these are posted separately as they happened, but I thought it would be nice to post a side-by-side comparison. And… a little unsolicited advice  to those looking to start T or just starting, the muscles don’t just come with the introduction of testosterone, this is the result of many, many hours of working out and working out hard, at that. So, if that’s your goal, be prepared to work at it.




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