Reindeer Games


I officially signed up for the Reindeer Games. It is a local CrossFit competition on December 7th. It was posted in my gym’s Facebook group yesterday. I made a comment about how I was tempted to sign up, if only I could get over my fear of box jumps. So, one of the people, Anna, who joined CrossFit Fortius about the same time (we did a partner WOD together within the first week of joining) I did said she would do it if I did. I kind of left it there.

In the evening, when I went to workout, the finisher was to do box jumps (of course). The coach looked at me and said, “I know you mentioned you needed to get over your fear…” So, I set up the box for the lowest height (24″). I did a couple of those jumps where at the last minute, you bail out of it. Finally, I decided that I was going to do it, and next thing I know, I’m standing on top of the box. Yay, I completed my first box jump! After that, I did it a few more times and then went home.

When I got home, I posted on the group Facebook page that I landed my first box jump. I got lots of encouragement to register for the competition from Anna and others. So, I did it. I registered for a beginner male spot. So far, we have 12 other people from our gym competing.

I’m feeling pretty excited, but nervous at the same time. As far as I’m aware, Coach Jesse, the first person I had contact with at the gym, is the only one who knows of my gender identity. This competition means that I will be coming out to a lot more people at the gym. Most people refer to me using female pronouns. Another thing I’m nervous about is competing against other males, who most likely most or all of them have the advantage of having testosterone in their system for many, many years, whereas I (at the time of competition) will only have had it (at male levels) for 7 months and 2 weeks. I’m on a mission to find a way to make my breasts less visible while working out, as well. Currently, I only wear a sports bra, but their obviously breasts and not pecs. I’m thinking of getting an UnderArmour compression shirt to wear over the sports bra to see how that works. Traditional binders are far too constricting and would definitely hinder my performance.

Overall though, I’m pretty excited. I’ll feel pretty accomplished if I even finish second from last. Time to kick up the intensity of my workouts.


  1. Good luck. Consider it a training exercise and don’t get hung up on how you rank. In general one thing I like about the gym is trying to convince myself that I am only competing with myself (not always successfully).

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