They spelled my name wrong


Okay, so they didn’t actually spell it wrong. A year ago or so, EH&S was offering free, personalized lab coats to all lab members. Unfortunately, at that time, I was still going by my given name. Today, my lab coat finally arrived. I do admit though, it’s nice to have my own lab coat that isn’t all grimy and smelly. It’s just that it now has the wrong name. Also, it almost doesn’t fit in the shoulder region. I expect to make more gains in that region. I was joking with some guys in the lab about being hulk-like. I think I’m going to try to score another pair of lab coats, though.

Last night, I was grabbing some food with a couple of other grad students. The waiter came by and asked, “would you gentlemen like some more water?” That pretty much made my night. The frequency of me being identified as female is slowly decreasing. A couple of friends even commented on my voice being lower after not seeing them for two weeks. That was definitely a huge confidence booster since in the beginning they hardly noticed the changes. I feel like since my dose increased some changes have started happening slightly faster. I’ve only been on the new dose for three weeks now, but it seems to be making a difference.

I just wanted to make a quick update and show off my new lab coat. =)

One comment

  1. Lab coat is cool, but there has got to be some simple yet elegant way to get August up on that chest. Either get a patch with your real name, or an engraved name tag to pin on top of it.

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