3 months on T!

First thing’s first, photos!

20130725 Back 3

20130725 Full Body 1-4

20130725 Full Body 2-4

I finally got my legal court order for my name and gender change on Friday. There was even another trans guy there. He was ahead of me on the list, so he went before I did. It was nice to have that happen, so I knew what to expect when it was my turn to go in front of the judge. Then, we sat outside the court room for nearly an hour as we waited for the rest of the name changes to happen and to receive our certified copies. I sat across from him, but a couple of chairs over. I wanted to talk to him, but I wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate, so I didn’t.

I think I’m itching to have others to talk to about experiences in person. It’s nice to have all these internet resources, blogs, and YouTube videos, but there’s something to just having a conversation with someone. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking to another trans person (at least not as far as I’m aware) in person. I know there are discussion groups down at The Center, but they are on weeknights and somewhat inconvenient for me to get to due to work and such. Hopefully, I will be able to make it to a discussion group one of these weeks. I’ve been saying that for months now, but I can continue to hope!

Back to the name change stuff, I went to social security administration immediately after my court hearing. In California, in order to update your driver’s license, your information has to be first updated in the social security database. And I wanted a new ID as soon as possible. I also put my application in the mail for a new birth certificate. Who knows how long that will take to arrive. I went to the DMV on Monday. They took my driver’s license and replaced it with a piece of paper with my updated information (no photo), took my picture, and told me that I’d get my new driver’s license in 7-10 days. For two days, I was thinking to myself, “now how am I going to buy beer for the next two weeks since they took my only photo ID that has my date of birth?” Finally, I realized that I still have my passport, hah! I updated my school records and my bank records, as well. No one seemed to bat an eye, except when I called my bank. The woman on the other end said to me after I said I wanted to change my name and gender, “So, you are changing to mister?” Then, she told me that she needed to call some other people to see if it was within her job scope to make the requested the changes. I think she probably never encountered such a request, but she handled it pretty well, I think.

I finally came out to the lab I work in. I wrote an email to them while I was waiting at social security. It feels like such a relief to finally not have that hanging over my head. I have had very positive responses (or no response at all). Everyone is actually putting in an effort to call my August and use the correct pronouns. I was concerned about one or two of my coworkers reactions, but they seem to be very cool about the whole thing. I finally feel like… I don’t know, myself.

As far as physical changes go, I am finally starting to get in a bit more facial hair, mostly just the sideburns and the chin, but I’ll take it. It’s still pretty sparse and light in color, but it is coming in steadily. My muscles are still growing! I’ve gained nearly 15 pounds from my pre-transition weight. I’m pretty sure this is nearly all muscle since I haven’t seen a change in my hip or waist measurements, but measurements of my neck, biceps, calves, thighs, and shoulders have gone up. I’m still kind of disappointed that I haven’t seen an apparent change in my fat distribution. I intend to increase the frequency of my cardio workouts to at least facilitate fat loss since it doesn’t seem to want to move. I’m pretty pleased with the rate that I’m gaining muscle though. I’ve noticed that I’m had a really huge appetite lately now that I’ve been able to consistently been able to work out. I noticed an increase when I began taking testosterone, but it’s reached another level. Sometimes, I eat a decent sized meal, and within an hour or less, I’m starving again.  Below the belt, I have definitely noticed an increase in size. It’s been 5 weeks and some days since my last period. I’m hoping that continues; the time between the last two was 7 weeks.

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