The Dreaded Pelvic Exam

I feel like my last post was a bit dramatic, and I would like to delete. However, in an effort to keep everything real here and not sugarcoated, I’ll let it remain there as it is. It was how I felt at that time. Now, let’s move on to more exciting topics.

It has been a little over 5 years since I’ve had my last pelvic exam, which I think is a bit longer than one should go without getting one of those things. I’d say that probably the only reason I even got one then was because I was in the military and a full physical was required before I was allowed to be on my merry way out.

So, I wasn’t actually dreading it. I just thought it was a fun title for this post. I mean, yes, it’s uncomfortable and awkward (even for cisgender women) having your doctor so into such a personal and private area, but I feel pretty comfortable with that area. It doesn’t cause me huge dysphoria. Sure, I’d like to have fully functioning male sex anatomy, but that is never going to be possible for me. Either way, my doctor knows that for FtMs getting this exam can be extremely uncomfortable, so she was really accommodating and understanding. It was relatively quick and painless.

Besides that, we talked about how the transition was coming along. I complained about the lack of fat distribution (my hips and thighs are still the same size, if not slightly larger in circumference, as before I started T), but also talked about how nice it was to see the increase in my muscle mass. We’re waiting to see if my period is going to come within the next couple of weeks, but I will be meeting with her in a little over a month to talk about a possible dose increase along with getting blood work done to see how I’m adjusting to the recent dose increase.

Other than that, she typed a new letter for my legal gender change that stated that I “have undergone” rather than “is undergoing” clinically appropriate treatment. My court hearing is scheduled for this Friday. I will bring my new letter with me, and I hope that will be the end of it. I plan to go to social security right after my hearing and already have a DMV appointment scheduled for Monday, assuming everything goes according to plan. I also have my paperwork filled out and ready to drop in the mail for my new birth certificate once I have the court order in hand.

Here’s to hoping everything goes smoothly on Friday.


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