2 months on T!

Well, today is my 2 months on T, as you can tell from the title of my post. Looking at my pre-T photos and the pictures that I managed to take of myself today, I can definitely see a difference in my muscle definition in my back. The chest is harder to tell, which is why I decided to try the new post that’s in the last pic. I must have taken around 20 photos. I’m super picky. It’s a lot easier when Alex takes the pictures for me, but I’m not sure how many more opportunities I’ll have for that.

As far as other changes I’ve noticed, I think the hair on my chin has doubled from about 10 hairs to 20 hairs, haha. I guess that’s something. I have noticed an increase in hair on my thighs which used to have very light, fine hair. Also, my calves used to have no hair at all, but now there it is beginning to fill in. My voice has changed. It feels different in my chest when I speak or sing. Either the oiliness of my face has calmed down or I’ve gotten used to it, but the acne associated with the initial increase in oil on my face has also calmed down. I had a 7 week break from my period, but it unfortunately came last week. Hopefully, it will stay away for good this time. I haven’t noticed any fat redistribution yet. I hope that starts to happen soon. I’m really self-conscious about my hips and thighs. I always have been, but I think even more so now that I’ve been on testosterone. I haven’t really noticed any changes at all in aggression or my ability to cry as I’ve seen others talk about.

I saw my doctor last week, and we decided to increase my dose to 150 mg/2 weeks. I was on what my doctor considers the lowest dose starting out, and we haven’t seen any adverse affects, so my doctor thought it would be safe to increase my dose.

Other than that, I’ve been ridiculously busy with work since I graduated. It is both really nice and kind of sucks at the same time, but in the end, I think all the hard work will pay off. My court date for my name and gender change is at the end of next week. I’m really looking forward to getting a new ID that will have my real name and gender on it. I wonder what that will be like since I pass about only 5% of the time. A lot of times, people (cashiers and those types of people) will call me sir, but then they’ll look at me again and say, “Oh sorry ma’am.” The best thing I can muster up to say is “it’s okay.” Or I just get called ma’am or whatever from the start. I’m really looking forward to when I can grow some facial hair. I feel like that will help with people misgendering me.

Until next time!

20130625 Back

20130625 Full Body 1

20130625 Full Body 2


  1. It’s good you’re photographing and documenting. That will help you actually see the changes. When you’re just looking in the mirror you don’t notice the changes as much.

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