Five Weeks

I feel like time is both flying by and crawling at the same time. I have so much to do in the next two weeks due to the end of school rapidly approaching, but at the same time, I’m anxiously awaiting my next injection which is still a week away. It seems crazy to me that 5 weeks have passed, but I’m still waiting for more noticeable changes to occur. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely changes that have happened. I just want them to happen faster! Not much has happened since my last update, but I think one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that I definitely smell different, not in a bad way. It’s just different from the way I used to smell. Also, I’m not sure if this is transition related or if I’m just really busy/stressed with school and work, but I’ve been really tired lately. Even after getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, I don’t feel completely rested. I’m looking forward to see if this changes after I graduate and get off time at night instead of working on projects, presentations, and papers from the time I get home until I go to sleep.

Other than that, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. We’ll be going over my lab results. This is my first blood test since starting testosterone, so hopefully everything is good.


    1. Sorry, it wasn’t that exciting. =) I suppose that’s good. None of my levels (RBC, liver enzymes, cholesterol) really increased, which is good, since those are some of the risk factors to taking testosterone. Since everything is at a healthy level right now, and I’m seeing desirable changes, my doctor decided to leave my dosage where it’s at right now (100 mg/2 weeks). Next up is a pelvic exam and stuff, but waiting until after finals to deal with that.

  1. I started T around the same time as you and I definitely noticed being way more tired than normal. I fell like I could sleep all the time, and sometimes that still wouldn’t be enough!

  2. Yeah, I mentioned it to my doctor, but she didn’t seem too concerned. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel towards the end of this week.

    Also, I think you are only a day ahead of me for starting T, I think it will be an interesting comparison. =)

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