Name Change – Part 1

On Wednesday, I had a check up with my doctor. I had planned to ask her about getting an affidavit for my legal gender change that must be submitted to the courts. So, I showed up to my appointment and discussed some of the changes that have happened and how I’ve been feeling. I walked out feeling pretty good. Then, I realized that I completely forgot to ask about the affidavit to state that I was undergoing “clinically appropriate treatment” for my gender change. I ran home and wrote a message asking about getting that done. She responded that night and said she would write it in the next day.

I picked the letter up this morning from student health services and hopped on my motorcycle to head downtown to the central location for San Diego Superior Court. I went up to the filing court, feeling pretty nervous, as she looked through my paperwork and told me things I needed to fill in. She didn’t even bat an eyelash though. By the time I finished, I was sweating through the many layers I had on: binder, t-shirt, long-sleeved button down shirt, and my motorcycle jacket. I finally finished and paid my $435 filing fee. Luckily, my mom is pretty supportive and sent me a check earlier this week to take care of this. My court hearing date is July 5th, then hopefully everything will be official!

Next thing I had to do was find a news paper to publish my name change announcement, in case anyone objects. That was another $50 to have the announcement published for four weeks. I’m not sure what other people have to do in other states, but California is kind of a pain in the ass sometimes.

All in all though, I’m glad to have the wheels set in motion. With the name and gender change coming up in the relatively near future, I’ll have to find a way to come out at both jobs. That is something I really need to put some thought into.

Also, another thing that is looming over me is my graduation. I’m definitely looking forward to being done, but also nervous about having to see family members that I haven’t seen since before coming out. I think they’re all pretty supportive, but I get anxious about these things.

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