Minor Setback

I was supposed to have a counseling appointment today. I scheduled it maybe two or three weeks ago, but at the same time, I also scheduled a doctor’s appointment at student health services for a general check-up. A few days before I scheduled these appointments, I emailed the LGBT Resource Center on campus to gather information on the resources available to transgender students on campus. The director of the LGBT Resource Center responded with a lot of helpful information. Two of those pieces of information were regarding medical and psychological care. He recommended I make an appointment with the medical doctor who handles most of the transgender students on campus. I went to student health to have my appointment that I previously scheduled canceled and to schedule an appointment with the recommended doctor. The psychologist that I scheduled my counseling appointment wasn’t with the one he recommended, but he said the one I had was highly capable, and he trusted her. So, I kept my appointment with her.

Fast forward to today, I was expecting to receive an email for pre-counseling forms I was supposed to fill out. It was half an hour before my appointment, and I still hadn’t received the forms to fill out yet. I gave the counseling and psychological services office a call to find out why I hadn’t received the forms yet. Apparently, my appointment was canceled. I think that perhaps the nurse canceled my counseling appointment instead of my medical appointment when I was trying to reschedule my doctor’s appointment with the recommended doctor. I’m kind of bummed, but on the bright side, I was able to schedule an appointment with the counselor that the director recommended instead. However, this appointment is three weeks from now, which seems like forever away. Hopefully the time goes by fast. It’s about mid-quarter at school, which means I’ll have a presentation and paper to work on over the next two and a half weeks. I’m sure that will keep my mind occupied.

I still have my follow-up doctor’s appointment to look forward to on Wednesday morning. We will go over my blood test results and hopefully I will get my first prescription of testosterone.


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