No Need to Worry

I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  It went great.  My doctor had been tipped off by the director of the LGBT Resource Center since I had been in contact with him.  So, she just started asking questions about what my goals for transitioning were and questions about my mental health, physical health, etc.  All in all, she was very friendly and knowledgeable.  Of course, she didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know since I’m the kind of person that has to research EVERYTHING.  From the sounds of it, I should be able to start testosterone fairly soon.  I will be getting a blood lipid test to establish baselines on cholesterol, red blood cells, maybe liver enzymes.  These things are are affected my testosterone.  I’m going into student health first thing in the morning since this test requires fasting, and I want to be able to eat something before my lab at 9:30am so I don’t kill my lab partners.  Anyway, I have a counseling appointment on Monday.  The school psychologists are not able to provide letters for surgery, but I’m sure they’ll provide a referral to an off-campus therapist.  Then, on Wednesday I have another appointment with my doctor to go over my blood test results.

All in all, I’m really happy with the progress this week.  Still need to consider how I will come out at work and school.  I’m really concerned about this, but hopefully talking to the counselor will help me out with this aspect of transitioning.



    1. I think I mentioned this in my post, but she was actually the one who brought up the transgender issues. She was very understanding and never gave me any feeling that she doubted me or any sort of push back. She even made a notation in my file so that I could be recognized by the name August and as male. It was a really good experience for me.

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